Dec 14 2008

Two articles on the star of Bethlehem

Star Over Bethlehem, free clip art by Midolluin

Star Over Bethlehem, free clip art by Midolluin

Well, this article is certainly relevant. According to astronomer Dave Reneke, the star used by the three wise men to locate the infant Jesus appeared in June, and not December. For Reneke, even the status of the luminary as a star is in question. Definitely worth a read.

Here is another article on the very same topic from several different perspectives. Supernova? Jupiter? You decide.

It’s been a busy, busy month, what with the grading of tests and final exams, but I do look forward to doing some more frequent blogging over the holidays or in the new year.

Wishing you all a joyous holiday season!

2 Responses to “Two articles on the star of Bethlehem”

  1. Lee says:

    Thanks for the links! I enjoyed reading them. A Venus-Jupiter conjunction has been offered as an explanation over the years, but other possibilities also exit. Chicago’s Adler Planetarium (where I volunteer in the Webster Institute for the History of Astronomy) offers a program on the subject with a surprising conclusion. Happy Holidays!

  2. alobel says:

    Thanks, Lee!

    Now you’ve piqued my curiosity about the program. I really must visit the Adler Planetarium. Wishing you a happy holiday as well!

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